The highest authority in the Congregation is vested on the General Superior and her Council (C 97). The General Superior has direct authority over the individual members, the communities and the Provinces. The General Board promotes the spirit and charism of the Congregation, the religious life of the Sisters, the apostolate and matters of government (S 146 a ,b).

The seat of the general government of the Congregation has always been in Veghel, the Netherlands . The General Chapter believes, in accordance with the signs of the times, that the seat of governance be transferred to countries where the Congregation is flourishing. The General Board will consult the Sisters regarding this transfer. The result of the consultation will be reported to the 2013 General Chapter for deliberation and decision.

The determination of our patrimony as a Congregation and its maintenance for posterity is a general concern which the General Chapter delegates to the General Board in collaboration with the Netherlands Provincial Board. The Netherlands Provincial Board will continually inform the General Board regarding the development-plans for its future.

A visible sign of unity in the whole Congregation will be the adoption of the original logo from the history book of Mother Isidora de Rooy.

The venue for the next General Chapter will be in Veghel, the Netherlands where the roots of the Congregation are located and to insure the participation of the delegates of the Netherlands Province . There will be three (3) elected delegates from the existing Provinces to the 2013 General Chapter, and considering the size of the Philippines-South Province , it shall have one (1) elected delegate (S116).

The sharing in the interest of the Solidarity Fund will include the new province in the Southern part of the Philippines to be erected in 2010. In support of the General Government, S 81 of the Constitutions was invoked so that the Provinces and the Kenya Mission will give a part of their share in the interest of the Solidarity Fund to the General Board.