We are in Pastoral Work which include Catechesis, Value Formation, Worship (Liturgy and Music), Formation of Lay Leaders, Organization of Basic Ecclesial Communities, and Corporal Works of Mercy.

We work with groups of farmers, migrant workers, fisherfolk, women, youth, children, indigenous people, urban and rural poor, and refugees: helping to organize them and facilitating welfare and development programs with them.

We are engaged in education work, both formal and non-formal. We manage hospitals, clinics and health centres as well as facilitate community-based health programs. We have special programs for lepers, the handicapped, tubercular patients, HIV/AIDS patients, and for the elderly.

We are involved in the promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation, in the defense and advocacy of human rights, and in fostering solidarity and collaboration among peoples.

We engage in dialogue of life with all: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindis - in the spirit of ecumenism, inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue.

The Eucharist, prayer and contemplation are integral to our daily life.